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Premium Brunch at Zengo Doha

If you’re looking to dine with a stunning panoramic view of the city, then heading off to Zengo is your best bet. Did you know that Zengo is one of the highest location venues in the city? With the spectacular views and the finely crafted Pan-Asian menu, you’re all set to begin your Friday brunch!

The brunch primarily consists of vibrant seafood dishes with a contemporary take. Live stations are also present to provide you an exceptional dining ambience. You can begin the course with unique sushi flavors and sizzling tempura – it’s the ideal way to spoil yourself. As for the sushi, you have varieties such as vegetable, crab and lobster available, so you can take your pick with whatever pleases your tastebuds.

As for the mains, you can treat yourself to seafood dishes such as oysters, lobsters and shrimps. Don’t miss out on the curry dishes either, the flavorful spices will make your experience a memorable one. What makes this brunch special is that it’s as if you are receiving a full ocean to table experience, with a cosmopolitan skyline view instead.

Let’s not forget about treating your sweet tooth, where you can opt for freshly cut seasonal fruits or exclusive Zengo desserts!

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