Prestigious Moments with Zabarjad

Middle East’s luxury jewelry retailer Zabarjad, which is named after the elegant green gemstone has opened its door at The Gate Mall since February 2017. The brand pays attention to every detail in their designs and always puts their customer satisfaction their first and foremost priority.

 The designs by Zabarjad are produced all the way from Italy and Turkey, using the most authentic gemstones completed with the highest quality material finish. The store is embellished with sparkling chandeliers and has a purple backdrop to signify their luxurious name.

Personalization is key when it comes to designs of the brand – customers can request any structure and pattern to the retailer where the designer will sketch the designs, and have it approved before sent for manufacturing. In addition to the customized pieces, Zabarjad’s in-store collection changes every two months in store to retain its exclusivity.


The store offers a unique service where customers can use a VIP room facility to have a private experience while trying out the jewelry before a lavish event such as weddings and engagement parties. When it comes to weddings, customers can arrange for specialists where they can prepare a variety of jewelry sets and have them delivered.

As for the price points for their items, they range from 1,000 QAR to over a million; there’s definitely something for everyone to suit their budget. Plan your visit to The Gate Mall and be ready for the glistening pieces that await you.


To get in touch with Zabarjad and see a preview of what they’ve got to offer, visit their Instagram profile @zabarjadqatar.

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