Promoting Healthy Lifestyle with Walking Football

Organized by the Supreme Committee together, with the South African community in Qatar, the International Walking Football Federation Qatar (IWFFQ) is showcasing walking football as a new sport for the first time in Qatar.

Walking football is endorsed by Ambassador of South Africa to Qatar, HE Faizel Moosa, and further discussions are in place to promote the game throughout the country.

The executive committee members of the International Walking Football Federation Qatar (IWFFQ) are Mr. Derrick Smith, Mr. Anwar Al Moola, Mrs. Margaret Perakis and Mr. Abdul Maliek Cassiem. The executive committee members will be present at the event together with the President of the IWFFQ, Mr. Farhan Al Sheikh Al Sayed.

The International International Walking Football Federation Qatar aims to promote diversity, healthier lifestyles, wellness and social cohesion through sporting activities in the region.

The walking football initiative was founded by Mr. Derrick Smith, who recently established the International Walking Football Federation (IWFFQ) executive committee along with Mr. Anwar Al Moola, Mrs. Margaret Perakis and Mr. Abdul Cassiem. The President of the IWFFQ is Mr. Farhan Al Syed, a well known Qatari-businessman and sporting enthusiast.

With the South African Ambassador to Qatar HE Faizel Moosa’s support, the initiative has come forward for the first time and will continue to expand.

As part of the activities, the event signifies people coming to Boktown to watch the final Rugby World Cup between England and South Africa. Boktown provides a unique experience for Rugby fans, that provides an alternative to being present at the actual game.

There will be teams competing against each other and the winners will receive a special prize. Additionally, there will Braai (South African BBQ) and live music for families to enjoy.

Event Details:
Date – Saturday, 2nd of November
Time – 10 am
Location – Doha Sports Park

For team registrations, email [email protected]

Walking Football will also be showcased at Heritage Day – Ubuntu Bash hosted by the South African Embassy.

South African Heritage Day

To register your interest, get in touch with Mr. Derrick Smith at [email protected] or +97450853329.

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