Qatar Charity App Facilitates Donations & Contributions To Humanitarian Action

Qatar Charity (QC) application provides smart, effective, and secure solutions to facilitate donations and contributions to humanitarian action, allowing donors to give their donations and make a charity securely while they are at home. The app is available on IOS & Android.

Qatar Charity App is easy, smart, secure and practical. You can track your donations, manage them, browse the QC current running projects and check periodic reports of projects you previously donated to. QC has enhanced the app to serve the following:

  • User-friendly: Whether you are a first-time donor or a regular one, you will efficiently manage your donations on our app. It is easy and smart.
  • Responsive
  • Secured: The app ensures to keep all donors’ data and details highly secure and confidential.

QC ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all its users to protect them from identity theft and internet fraud. The QC app provides a smart and easy approach for individuals and corporates to calculate the various types of donations.

To download the QC app, please visit:

QC also launched another app known as Rofaqa App which supports the Rofaqa initiative to take care of and meet the needs orphans, children with special needs, and students across the globe. The app aims to bring these vulnerable closer to sponsors.

To download the Rofaqa app, please visit:

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