Qatar Charity Distributes Over 45,000 Food Baskets In Industrial Area

Qatar Charity distributed over 45,000 food baskets among workers who are quarantined in Industrial Area Streets 1 to 32.

During a field trip for media persons and community leaders to the Industrial Area organised by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) on 18th April 2020, Qatar Charity officials said they were distributing 1,000 food baskets daily through four trucks entering the area.

“Since the closure of the area, Qatar Charity has distributed many food aids to workers, and until now over 45,000 food baskets have been distributed among them. In addition to the food baskets that are distributed daily among the workers, personal hygiene items have also been distributed, such as soap, sanitisers etc. Qatar Charity has distributed more than 30,000 personal hygiene packages among workers. Even during the distribution of food items is keen on the safety of workers, as everyone is committed to social distancing.” said Rami, a Qatar Charity official.

Rami added that the aid will continue even in Ramadan in coordination with other entities and that Qatar Charity’s efforts are not only limited to the Industrial Area but also in other areas like Al Shahaniya and others for the benefit of all workers.

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