Qatar Charity Launched Ramadan Food Distribution Drive In 30 Countries

Qatar Charity, with the support from the people in Qatar, has launched their Ramadan campaign “Calm You Heart by Giving” by implementing the “Feed a Fasting Person” project in 30 countries worldwide, including Turkey, Sudan, Kyrgyzstan and others. The ‘Feed a Fasting Person’ project, implemented outside Qatar, is valued at QR16 million and aims to benefit 424,396 persons by distributing food baskets and Iftar meals to them.

Qatar Charity aims to provide Iftar meals to more than 100,000 fasting persons, including Syrian refugees and Turkish people, by delivering the meals to the homes of the beneficiaries. The most vulnerable sections like orphans and people over the age of sixty-five years have been taken into consideration while selecting beneficiaries, in addition to those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus epidemic. Qatar Charity has taken into consideration public safety and precautionary measures in the implementation of its Ramadan projects to fight the coronavirus, as it prepares and packs meals in the municipal kitchens to ensure that they will remain safe and clean.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, with the support of donors in Qatar, aims to benefit 1,960,028 people at an estimated cost of 85,140,826 Qatari riyals this Ramadan.

Qatar charity’s Ramadan projects include ‘Feed a Fasting Person’, Zakat Al Fitr, and Eid Clothing projects, in addition to delivering relief food aid in areas of disasters and crises, and providing assistance to those affected by the coronavirus.

In Turkey, Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the major municipalities, has started delivering ready-to-eat Iftar meals to the homes of beneficiaries in the Şahinbey municipality, and Üsküdar municipality, in addition to other municipalities that host a large number of Syrian refugees.

Qatar Charity, through its office in Sudan, has started the distribution of food items, benefiting 2000 people in a rural area of the Omdurman city. Some 24,475 people are expected to benefit from food baskets at a cost of 660,793 Qatari riyals.

“Qatar Charity has regularly been implementing the “Feed a Fasting Person” project for a long time by distributing food baskets to needy families, and setting up Iftar tables that were cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic,” said the director of Qatar Charity’s office in Sudan Mr Hussein Karmash.

He also pointed out that the “Feed a Fasting Person” project aims to help needy families, poor orphans, and people with special needs, in addition to providing support to students of the International University of Africa, which has thousands of international students in need of such support.

The beneficiaries expressed their delight at receiving aid, extending thanks to the benefactors in Qatar for supporting the vulnerable who can not meet their Ramadan needs.

To donate, please visit: Qatar Charity Donation

For more information, please visit: Qatar Charity

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