Qatar Expected To Achieve Herd Immunity In A Month

Qatar is expected to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 in a month, said a senior health official yesterday.  

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Public Health, said: “We will be among the first countries to get the herd immunity in one month from now assuring that we can open in the coming months very soon for tourism. We will prefer vaccinated people in the first stage and then we can evaluate every case. The system is more sustainable for that.”

During a virtual conference, which was hosted by Doha Bank and entitled “Qatar Economic Development & Opportunities.” Qatar has produced positive results with its fast pace of mass vaccination. Over half the adults have received full COVID-19 vaccination. According to the data from the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), 51 percent of total population (16 years and above) has received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani said that now Qatar can move towards implementing the second phase of the four-phase plan to lift the COVID-19 restrictions.

“The numbers are assuring us we can move to phase 2. The decision will be taken very soon by the government for the phase 2 and this will help people to grow in the economy and can go forward in their normal practice,” added Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani. 

He urged all eligible people, who have yet to get vaccinated, to take the vaccine.

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