Qatar getting hands on experience with AI breast cancer detection solution

A newly developed artificial intelligence (AI) solution is said to come to Qatar to help radiologists detect breast cancer at a more rapid pace.

The solution is called Mammography Intelligent Assessment (MIA) and is aimed at improving the experiences of female breast cancer patients and help prevent unnecessary biopsies.

Using MIA, radiologists will be able to make their decision process in terms of running test much faster, based on patients’ mammography screening.

The MedTech Corporation of Qatar recently signed a deal with Kheiron Medical Technologies, a UK-based company, to allow the AI solution to arrive to the country.

Qatar National Registry of the National Cancer Program at the Ministry of Public Health demonstrates that breast canceled accounts for 16.58% of all cancer cases in all nationalities living in Qatar.

Kheiron’s Chief Commercial Officer, Alex Hamlow, said, “Our mission is to support breast screening professionals in the fight against breast cancer with proven and effective AI-enabled tools. Based on its performance in the UK and Europe, MIA represents a major breakthrough in helping radiologists to dramatically improve breast cancer detection and patient outcomes.”

Furthermore, MIA is the first solution that received a European regulatory clearance mark. It is also a recipient of the UK government’s first AI in Health and Care Awards.

Using this AI solution will reduce the double-reading workflows. Using technologies increase the rate of accurate results (90% to 97%).

Dr. Hassan Kunhi, CEO of Medtech, said, “We are looking forward to bringing Kheiron’s MIA solution to Qatar’s breast screening community. MIA has tremendous potential to improve radiologist productivity and empower breast screening professionals to detect potential malignancies more accurately and quickly.”

Whilst being available in Qatar, MIA will also be accessible in UAE and Oman.

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