Qatar Hot Air Balloon Festival To Take Place In December

Qatar’s first ever hot air balloon event will be held at Aspire Park, where 30 balloons from across the world will set to take off creating a magnificent spectacle in the sky.

The balloon festival is the biggest gathering of hot air balloons and organisers expect to attract the spectators. From early morning take-offs, to late night firework shows, there’s something for everyone to see.

The twelve-day festival which begins on December 7 has been scheduled to coincide with the famous events such as Gulf Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and Qatar National Day.

At specific sections of the park, visitors get to experience a fun and enchanting tethered balloon ride which gives them an opportunity to be among the colourful balloons in the sky.

There will also be various activities for children available throughout Aspire Park which includes food trucks, fairground rides and entertainment at the festival.

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