Qatar Law for minimum wages and NOC

Qatar has implemented a number of laws, such as the Wage Protection System, the Workers ‘Compensation Committee, the Workers’ Support, and Insurance, the elimination of the sponsorship system and the exemption permit. The details of the Minimum Wage Act and the Employment Law during the contract period have not been disclosed. The new law is expected to benefit millions of expatriates.

Qatar has more expatriate measures to do, including transitioning to another job while in the contract. Qatar’s cabinet has approved draft laws that include easy labor laws, minimum wages, and exclusion of those who do not fall under the labor law. The Minister of Labor, HE Yousuf bin Mohammed Al-Othman Al Fakhro, said this at the 100th-anniversary celebrations of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Domestic workers and expats look forward to liberal labor law and that does not require an exit permit. The minister said that once the measures are completed, the law will be implemented immediately.  The Qatar Administrative Development and Social Welfare Ministry has organized an annual event in Qatar in association with the ILO.


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