Qatar Media Corporation Launches 2 TV Channels For Students

H E Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the CEO of Qatar Media Corporation (QMC), with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, has started two TV channels called Education 1 and Education 2, affiliated with Qatar TV.

In order for students to have a smooth transition to distance learning, QMC initiated these educational platforms as part of their social responsibility to the Qatari community. The ‘Education 1’ and ‘Education 2’ channels will serve as fundamental educational platforms to support the Ministry Of Education in their efforts to finish the school curriculum in an appropriate and safe environment for the school children.

Due to unforeseen circumstances witnessed by Qatar after the spread of coronavirus, the disruption of schools caused a backlog in children’s yearly curriculum. Launching these two TV channels in affiliation with Qatar TV gives students a chance to overcome the special circumstances and resume their studies on multiple platforms.

In addition to their efforts to educate about the severity of coronavirus, QMC has also provided alternative plans and external studios in times of any urgent situations.

Here are the frequencies of the two stations: Satellite: Badr 4 Frequency: 12169 Polarization: Vertical Error Correction: 3/4 Symbol Rate: 22000.

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