Qatar National Day 2021 Slogan Announced

The Organizing Committee for the National Day Celebrations revealed the National Day 2021 slogan yesterday evening.

The slogan for Qatar National Day 2021 is: “مرابيع الأجداد … أمانة”, which means: “ANCESTRAL MEADOWS: A MATTER OF TRUST”.

The new slogan is inspired from the poetry of Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Bin Thani. the founder of Qatar, may Allah rest his soul. It showcases the strong relationship of Qataris with their environment since time immemorial.

Oh, how many caravans have passed by,
Leaving behind vestiges of the fluctuations of the times,
Abodes our sights are accustomed to as the seasons slip by,
Our meadows ornamented with herbs.

The slogan reflects the National Day’s aspirations to long-term, non-temporary, influence and highlights the role of national symbols and influential members of society, focusing on highlighting its values and principles, led by founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Bin Thani, may Allah rest his soul. It also reflects the value of Qatari society since its inception reflects Qatari society.

Every year on December 18, the National Day symbolizes the people of Qatar’s stature and solidarity, as well as its devotion to the Founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani.

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