Qatar National Day Celebrations To Begin On 12th December 2019

Qatar National Day 2019 celebrations officially begin on the 12th of December at Darb Al Saai.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports released the official 2019 logo with the slogan ‘Al Maali Kaydah’, which means that the path of excellence is difficult.

The slogan is inspired by a poem written by the founder of State of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani, where he describes his son Sheikh Ali bin Jassim Al Thani and gives a clear picture of a whole generation of Qatari youth in the founding period.

The slogan emphasizes on the rising Qatari youth and their potential towards the path of excellence and success.

The celebrations of Qatar National Day will run from 12th of December until the 20th of December.  Here is the detailed schedule of the activities taking place at Darb Al Saai:

Qatar National Day


We are extremely proud of all the achievements of Qatar and we look forward to expressing our pride with the celebrations!

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