Qatar Reports First Death From COVID-19

Ministry of Public Health announces today the registration of 28 new confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19), two cases of recovery, in addition to the first death due to the virus.
Some new cases of infection are related to travelers who returned to the State of Qatar and others to contacts, with new cases entered under quarantine where they are receiving the necessary medical care.
The Ministry of Public Health also announced the registration of two similar cases of recovery – both Qatari citizens – bringing the total number of recovery cases of Covid-19 to 45 cases in the State of Qatar.
A 57-year-old resident of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh who was suffering from chronic diseases has sadly died.
The deceased was admitted to intensive care immediately after he was diagnosed with the disease on March 16 and the necessary medical treatment and care were provided to him upon his admission to the hospital. The Ministry of Health extends condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased.
The Ministry of Public Health stresses that it is continuing to undertake all necessary checks for all citizens coming from travel, as well as all individuals who have been in contact with the affected cases.
The Ministry of Public Health reminds the public that the Corona Virus Contact Center in the Ministry of Public Health is available around the clock on the toll-free number (16000).
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