Qatar Scientific Club Increases Medical Equipment Production To Combat Coronavirus

The Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) has established integrated production lines within digital manufacturing laboratories to design and manufacture protective medical equipment for medical staff working in the first line of defence to curb the spread of coronavirus, and other entities fighting against the epidemic.

This is part of the QSC’s initiatives to support the state’s efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus. A delegation from Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Crisis Prevention Committee visited the Qatar Scientific Club recently.

Engineer Rashid Al Rahimi, Executive Director of the Qatar Scientific Club, said: “The club, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, welcomes all authorities in the country and it is ready to share its experiences with them.” Regarding the emergency situation that Qatar and other countries of the world are going through, he said that the club sensed from the early days of the spread of the coronavirus that it was needed to play a role so taking the responsibility, the club designed several models of face masks and protectors.

He also said that several parties, including the HMC and the Qatar Red Crescent Society, contacted the club to see these products. “These visits were positive. They saw the club’s capabilities. We presented face protectors to the specialist doctors seeking their feedback before starting to manufacture to meet the need,” said Al Rahimi. He said that after the launch of the experimental phase the manufacturing process has started, where an integrated production line has been established for this purpose within the digital manufacturing factories in the club to meet the needs of the medical sector.

“As much as 1,000 medical face protectors will be provided for the HMC as a first phase,” said Al Rahimi. He said that this medical equipment is a 100 per cent Qatari product, where the engineers specialized in the club are working to provide the best possible solutions in this aspect according to the available capabilities.

“We plan to increase production lines in view of the local demand with the possibility of exporting abroad if required in cooperation with the authorities competent and this is the club’s role in standing with the first line of defence and state agencies to limit the spread of the coronavirus,” said Al Rahimi. He added that this cooperation between the QSC and the various medical authorities comes to achieve the goals of the club, and out of social responsibility to serve the Qatari community, especially at this time of crisis.

Dr Ahmed Ali Al Muhammad from HMC, during his visit to the club, said: “We got acquainted with club’s various departments and the extent of its ability to provide some medical supplies required at the present time, such as the medical face protector needed by the medical staff to face the threat of coronavirus.” He said that the club has the ability to manufacture a lot of things because it has engineers with experience in various fields such as mechanics, digital manufacturing and electronics.

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