Qatar Then & Now

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بوراشد النعيمي

Over the past few decades, Qatar has undergone remarkable transformation in terms of economic growth and the development of its built environment, these changes can be attributed to the discovery of petroleum resources among other factors.
Qatar’s capital, Doha, was a sleepy pearl fishing community until the ’90s, when it began tapping into its vast offshore natural gas reserves.
Qatar’s past life was a lot simpler its economy consisted mostly of fishing ,pearl hunting and falcon hunting.
By 1939 Oil was discovered in Dukhan, on the west coast and just a year later 4,000 barrels per day were being produced. But it wasn’t until the 50s,That modernization of Qatar’s infrastructure started.

The modern history of Qatar started in the early 18th century AD, when the ruling Al Thani family reached the southern part of Qatar. In the middle of the same century, the family moved up to the northern part of the peninsula, including Zobara, Rois and Fowert.
The twenty-seventh of June 1995 is considered an important date in the Qatari calendar, as this marks the day on which Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani became the Emir of Qatar.
A new era had begun, with immediate progress being seen in all fields: politically, economically and in terms of international relationships. Qatar now enjoys particularly strong ties with the countries of the European Union.

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