Qatar to Send Medical Supplies to China

The Ambassador of China to Qatar, Zhou Jian, has said that Qatar will send today assistance to China including masks and gloves among other medical supplies to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ambassador of China said,
“China and Qatar are good friends and brothers. Facing the novel coronavirus, our Qatari friends stepped forward and expressed their confidence in China for defeating the epidemic and offered all necessary assistance.

Actions of our Qatari brothers made us feel touched and further strengthened our confidence to win this battle. We highly appreciate the support from Qatar and believe that this will surely write another glorious story in the history of China-Qatar relations.”

He also said, during a press conference held yesterday at his residency, that after pneumonia broke out, the Chinese Embassy informed the Qatari Government of the latest situation and the measures taken by the Chinese government and maintained close communication and information sharing with the Qatari counterparts.

The Ambassador added that since the outbreak, Chinese citizens and companies in Qatar have paid close attention to the situation back home, and are concerned about the health and life of people in China.

“In the next stage, the Chinese government and the Chinese Embassy will continue to maintain close communication with the Qatari side, report the latest situation timely, share the results of scientific research and treatment, as well as our experience in the prevention and control the infections. We will work together in epidemic prevention and control, so as to safeguard the health and safety of our two peoples,” he added.

Regarding measures taken by the Chinese government to prevent the disease, he pointed out that after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the Chinese government attached great importance and quickly mobilized nationwide forces to fight against the epidemic.

“The outbreak came just before the Chinese New Year. Facing the situation, President Xi Jinping and government officials at all levels canceled their holidays and rushed to the front line,” said the Ambassador.

Among other measures taken by the government, the Ambassador said:
“At present, we have built an all-round and multi-layered prevention and control system focusing on Wuhan and Hubei, including all levels of governments. All relevant works are open and transparent and are undergoing scientifically and orderly. Up till January 31, the National Health Commission has registered a total of 11,791 confirmed cases from 31 provinces, 1795 serious cases, 259 cases of deaths, and 243 cases of cured patients. There were 17,988 suspected cases in all.”

Jian pointed out that the hospital covers an area of 25,000 square meters and can accommodate 1,000 beds.

“Hundreds of equipment was sent to the construction site. 1,500 workers and 280 sets of machinery are racing against time and disease. Also within 8 days, another same hospital, the Lenshenshan Temporary Hospital will finish construction, with an additional 1,600 beds for patients of the novel coronavirus pneumonia.”  

He said that the two hospitals will begin operational by February 3 and 6 respectively.

“In addition, the Chinese government has decided to send charter flights to take stranded citizens overseas back home, especially those from Hubei, Wuhan. These fully reflect the Chinese government’s responsibility in solving problems for the people,” the Ambassador said.

He further said:
“We could say that our works have been very effective. As of January 31, there were more than 10,000 confirmed cases worldwide, no more than one hundred of them, or 1% spread outside China. No deaths cases were found abroad. This fully proves that the Chinese government has contained the situation inside China, and prevented it from a large-scale spread. In the next step, the Chinese government will continue to fulfill its obligations, responding to the concerns of foreign citizens in China, including Qatari citizens, and ensure their safety in a responsible manner.” 

“In the next step, China will to continue to work closely with WHO and other countries for preventing and controlling the epidemic, jointly safeguarding public health security,” the Ambassador said.

Source: The Peninsula

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