Qatar Traditions

Today, there is concerted effort exerted to promote and celebrate the culture and heritage of the country. This is not simply an exercise in creating tourist attractions, but a heartfelt desire by Qataris to reconnect with their past.

Qataries are very proud and a tribal society, that’s why they wear their traditional outfit everywhere from the work to the Mosque (Masjid) in school and at home .

songs and poetry continue to play an important part in everyday Qatari life.

Percussion forms the basis of most Qatari music. A common musical instrument of the pearl fishermen was the galahs, a tall clay jar which was used to create bass and treble notes. Tus or tasat were tin drinking cups, used alongside the tabl, a longitudinal drum with skins at either end, beaten with a short stick.

Much of the traditional Qatari music culture is derived from the legacy of Bedouin poetry,Bedouin poetry represented the ideal standard for other literary achievements as well as for the Arabic language.

Falconry is also one of the strong traditions in the qatari culture, it dates back to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)  specifically mentions it in the Quran, declaring food caught by falcons to be clean for Muslims to eat.

Camel racing is known as ‘the sport of sheikhs’ This key part of Qatar’s cultural heritage started off as a way to celebrate special occasions, and it can trace its roots back to the Bedouins, for whom the camel was a mode of transport, a sign of wealth and a vital lifeline in a harsh environment.

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