QRCS Spends QR6681818 On Food And Non-Food Aid For Ethiopian Refugees In Sudan

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Sudan has achieved the first phase of the emergency response to the recent overflow of Ethiopian refugees from Tigray Region of Ethiopia. 

Food and other aids were distributed to refugees who are in server conditions at Tunaydbah refugee camp, Gadarif State.  

QRCS distributed 2500 food parcels containing 44 kg of flour, rice, lentils, tea, salt, and vegetable oil. They also included 2000 hygiene kits which were received by 2500 refugee families or approximately 27000 individuals. 

Phase 1 cost a total of QR6681818 and they plan on sending 1000 more food parcels later this month making the total amount of parcels 3500. 

Phase 2 includes distributing 2180 relief kits, which include kitchenware, blankets, soap, jerry canes, water storage containers, tarpaulins, and washing powder. 

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