Radar system on school buses in Qatar

The Traffic Department has officially installed a radar system on public school buses.
The radar system will help to identify drivers who illegally overtake school buses while they drop students at the bus stops.

Developed by Mowasalat, the radars are now gradually installed on school buses.
This is a new innovation to ensure the safety of schoolchildren. The new smart school bus is equipped with more safety measures implementing this on as per the Traffic Department.

When the school bus stops and students cross the road, a stop sign is activated by the bus driver. The radar installed on the bus will then be able to detect any vehicle that overtakes it.

Nowadays, careless driving lead to several accidents. The traffic department urges drivers to wait for school buses to safely drop students before they overtake and move on.
Also, the school buses have seatbelts for each seat and are equipped with CCTV cameras.

“They also have TV screens that display awareness programs for students. The buses have emergency exits. Even the engines of the buses are modified in such a way that they stop automatically in case of a fire. The tyres are also puncture-proof.

The traffic department is very cautious regarding Students’ safety as top priority. The tyre bolts are sealed with red plastic so the driver can check that nobody has fiddled with them before starting the journey.

The new school buses are the first of their kind in the region. We convey our gratitude to Mowasalat for this innovation.

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