Beware of Radar Monitors on the Roads

Keep an eye on your speedometer to avoid fine and also to reach safely.
Ministry of Interior began with this initiative to promote road safety by
forcing motorists to abide by the speed limits. These radars will catch seat belt
violations, over speeding, overtaking from the wrong side in addition to usage of phone while driving.

It is better to drive within the speed limit on all roads now as Traffic Department
has launched a new high-tech radar which is concealed inside a civil vehicle. This carcan catch violation on the go also.

Mark your the locations for the radars from March 8th 2019.

Air Force Street – 100 km/h
Dukhan/Shahaniya – 120 km/h
Shamal Highway – 120 km/h
Salwa road – 120 km/h
F Ring Road – 100 km/h
Al Dafna – 80 km/h
Al Waab – 80 km/h
University Street – 80km/h
Al Refaa – 100km/h
The Pearl – 80 km/h
Madinat Khalifa – 80 km/h
Ain Khalid – 80 km/h
Mesaeeid – 120 km/h
Abu Hamor – 100km/h
Hamad Port – 80 km/h
Al Mazrouaa – 120 km/h
Al Majd Road (Orbital Highway) – 120km/h


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