Rare Perseid Aquarid Meteor Shower To Illuminate Qatar Skies From 12th August Evening

The rare Perseid Aquarid meteor shower is expected to illuminate the skies of Qatar from 12th August evening until the dawn of 13th August. People in the northern part of the country will have higher chances of witnessing the meteor shower, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) said in a statement.

According to QCH Astronomer Dr Beshir Marzouk, the Perseid meteor shower is one of the highly important meteor showers seen from Earth as it flows with an average rate of 60 to 100 meteors per hour. The said meteor shower usually occurs from July 23rd until August 24th yearly. Its peak is set to happen from the evening of August 12th till the dawn of August 13th. 

“To observe the meteor shower, one does not require astronomical instrumentations, so Qatar residents and countries in the northern hemisphere can see the Perseid meteor shower with the naked eye from dark places and pure sky,” Dr Marzouk added. 

To properly witness the meteor shower, residents and citizens should look to the northeast horizon of the sky from midnight of August 12th until the dawn of August 13th. The meteor shower can also be captured through digital cameras by simply increasing its exposure for best outputs. 

Perseid meteor shower is created through debris from “Swift-Tuttle Comet”, as the Earth passes through the dust and debris it leaves behind in the last week of July and mid-August. 

The Swift-Tuttle Comet approaches the Sun every 133 years. It last approached the Sun in 1992 and is set to do so again in 2125. 

QCH reiterated that the best time to observe the meteor shower is from 12th August midnight until 13th August dawn, in a dark place without environmental pollutions.

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