Redefining Timeless Fashion by Tanoura

With the unprecedented events happening in the world lately,  just like every other industry, it’s been a quiet couple of years for the fashion world. However, despite the usual buzz, we believe that the fashion industry has taken quite a turn specially during the COVID-19 lockdown. How many of us have actually shopped for new clothes each season only to change from one loungewear to another?

Who says fashion has to be latest and voguish? We believe trendy looks are elevated, sophisticated centerpieces and modernized outfits that can be worn over time. 

Combining modern luxury, comfort and style, Tanoura redefined revolutional ‘Timeless Fashion’ in linen clothing as high quality affordable outfits for all occasions and seasons.

Noura Azzam, a marketing graduate who developed her passion towards fashion while working as a fashion buyer for a leading fashion house in the Middle East started her own brand. 

Launched in 2017 as a skirt brand, Tanoura was later revamped in 2020 as a ready to wear linen clothing line for not only women, but also men. Tanoura came into play with the objective of  bridging the gap in the market where affordable and high quality linen does not exist. Launching amidst the chaos of COVID in the world, the global break has paved the way for Tanoura to explore the business in depth through trial and error to determine the desired outcome for the brand. 

TIQ had an interesting chat with the entrepreneur and we were amazed by what we heard. Keep reading…

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

“Briefly, I prefer to think of myself as a curious person who always focuses on the efficiency of doing things. My fashion career began much sooner than I had anticipated. I discovered my love of fashion when I was 15, while working as a salesperson after school. I completed my degree in  marketing and then attended London College of Fashion to fulfill my fashion dream.”

Noura’s strong passion has been a huge cornerstone for her to be in the fashion industry along with her proven exposure in the industry. Entrepreneurship that runs in the family has indeed foreshadowed her to establish her own venture, however, having a great combined background of business management and fashion has become the pillar of Tanoura’s success as a new and revolutionizing brand with a unique identity in the fashion world. 

Commenting on their objectives, Noura said, “People want their clothes to be as dynamic as they are, to be able to flow throughout the day without having to change attire. And we set out to meet their expectations and to make it even more comfortable for them, especially with today’s quick pace of life.”

“I’ve always been a business person since university, and my family and partner have always been incredibly supportive of me,” Noura said when asked about the foundations of her success. Regardless, I believe it is a personal trait, whether you take risks or prefer to play it safe.” “And sometimes taking the risk is a lot bigger,” she continued.

“In my opinion, a piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing, it is the story behind it and how we translate it to the customer.”

Since COVID, the fashion industry has changed dramatically, and the shelf life of clothing, particularly seasonal wear, has evolved. Tanoura realized that seasonal limited-edition ensembles are not really the best approach as trends change constantly and neither the consumers nor the retailers can keep up. Tanoura, on the other hand, focuses on providing the customer with an attire-a ready-to-wear product which can be worn in January as well as in June.

Tanoura’s core value is to ensure that they launch new collections of unique designs and trending color palettes exclusively manufactured with natural fabrics that are more durable. 

“Our designs are simple and yet loud”

Summer, winter, autumn, or spring, the weight of the linen is generally what changes in seasonal outfits. Tanoura outfits are designed to be worn all year round, with just a top in the summer and an overlayering in the winter.

When asked about their biggest achievement, Noura mentioned, “Our biggest achievement with no doubt is having a loyal customer who wants to purchase more. We value people! Our employees and our customers are the most important aspects in this equation. As our employees are the greatest internal asset in our company and our customers are the most significant part of our brand and we always want to deliver our maximum because our main objective is customer satisfaction.”

Despite being a relatively new fashion brand on the market, Tanoura has been featured in numerous local and international fashion magazines and publications, notably British Vogue and Tatler UK. 

Tanoura’s exclusive fashion collaboration program employs multiple designers and other parties in collaborations to provide combined design variations to the consumers. 

Speaking about the business challenges, Noura said, “A lot of challenges were to understand the customer base and to streamline operations while things were still a bit too tough during COVID. However, despite 2020 being a challenging year for everyone, we were able to establish a flawless operation system between production & logistics.”

“Despite all challenges, whether it is COVID or not,  it is always a risk. But, I am a risk taker and I like to explore to be able to implement. And timing did not matter because I’ve always had it in mind and I believed in what we were doing as a company so we could get through it all together.”, she added.

“Every challenge comes with an opportunity and with every disaster that happens in the world you can always look for an outcome out of it, it has its pros and cons like everything else.”

We asked the entrepreneur about her pastimes besides work. And here is what we heard. 

Noura Azzam | Founder & Entrepreneur – Tanoura

“After working so many years, I’ve realized that work life balance is the key. I am a career oriented person and it is a part of my identity. But I have my free time that I tend to myself as well. Everyone needs to recharge once in a while. I love traveling and kite surfing and I am also a horseback rider. For me, exploring and being exposed to different activities is one of the most inspiring things.”

To anyone who needs to hear this “never give up, believe in yourself and most importantly always have a vision where you’re going and try to work on it. And trust your gut, even if numbers, budgets and things on paper do not make sense but if your gut feeling tells you to do something, take a shot.” is the biggest advice from Noura. 

Tanoura aims to become a hub for anyone who is passionate in the fashion industry and not only to be exciting for people to wear but also to be working for it. We wish them all the success in their future endeavors!

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