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Sabai Thai Restaurant – Yours Truly Thai

Sabai Thai restaurant in Doha is a part of the prestigious Westin Doha Hotel & Spa, just a walking distance from the Ramada roundabout. The hotel has gained immense popularity and is known for serving one of the best Thai food in the whole region.

First, let’s talk about the ambiance of the restaurant which is an important deciding factor for many people and rightly so. In Thai, Sabai means to relax, and this is precisely the feeling you get while visiting the restaurant. The restaurant’s look and its vibes influenced by the beautiful Thai culture warms your heart. A Thai Gong welcomes you at the gate, and the staff is amiable and pleasing as well. For a change, the restaurant doesn’t play loud music and only plays classical soft Thai music which is indeed a remarkable experience.

The food of Sabai Thai is no less. Its menu, profoundly influenced by the four regions of Thailand and consists of a large variety of starters, soups, salads, main course, and dessert. What impressed us was the live kitchen and the way things were displayed there. It was very systematic, and it enhances the confidence of the customers and gives a rare opportunity to watch the kitchen activities or even join them if luck favors you. On the service part, it was quite imposing. You can experience the Thai style of hospitality, and lovely interactions are the main attraction of every service tenders.


Our Sumptuous Lunch!!

Pad Thai (Phad Thai Goong Sood)

We had the opportunity to experience the authentic Pad Thai at Sabai Thai, cooked with the original recipe and we are now a big fan of Pad Thai. It was also an enjoyable experience to watch Mr.TIQ cook for the team.

Gai Phad Med Mamunang

This mouth water and full of flavor dish was another unique dish that shouldn’t be missed while placing your order at Sabai Thai. It is a Thai specialty and is famous all over the world. But what matters is its, authenticity and you can enjoy it only if it is cooked in the original recipe. The combinations of ingredients were superb to maintain its exotic flavor and delicious taste.

Pla Thod Priew Waan

This dish is Deep-fried whole sea bass with onion, pineapple cucumber, and sweet & sour sauce. The sauce was excellent, and the fish was very soft, had the delicious aroma in every bite. A dish you would crave for any time of the day.

Gaeng Khiew Waan Gai

Rice and Green Curry a combo you can’t go wrong with. Gaeng Khiew Waan Gai, another unique delicacy from Sabai Thai. The sweet green curry is an inevitable companion for rice. The green curry can also be had in spicy terms, but we preferred the sweet one with well-cooked chicken was a delicious combination because few in the team couldn’t handle the level of spiciness in the dish. The chicken was tender and packed with flavor. It was sumptuous because of the aromatic fresh herbs, and as the editor, I would suggest this dish had spicy because this dish is a bomb of flavor.

Chuchee Goong Gub Hed

On the side, we also had Prawn curry (Chuchee Goong Gub Hed), which was less spicy but delicious. The prawn was tender, The natural blend of Tiger Prawn, with mushroom and special Thai cooking treatment, made the dish different as well as soaked in Thai aroma.

Khow Niew Mamaung

Another favorite for the whole team as well as many others who would visit Sabai Thai. One of the most ambrosial Thai dessert served with sticky rice, mango and coconut milk. The chewy stickiness of the rice and the sweetness of the mango and the melting flavor of coconut makes this dessert the divine Thai dessert.

The price of the restaurant is acceptable and for two people, around QR 450 is enough to enjoy some of the best appetizers, main course and dessert at Sabai Thai. The restaurant also springs up with several offers frequently which you can avail to get the best from your dining experience. An excellent outlet to dine with your friends and relatives in Doha. Enjoy the best of Thai hospitality.

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