Sasol and South African Embassy Celebrate Mandela Day at Sidra Medicine

23 July 2019, Doha, Qatar – Sharing the spirit of Nelson Mandela by giving back to society through simple and meaningful acts of kindness, Sasol, the South African international integrated chemicals and energy company, in cooperation with the Embassy of South Africa celebrated the Mandela Day at Sidra Medicine, a women and children’s Hospital in Doha, Qatar.

The team visited the pediatric endocrinology outpatient ward at Sidra Medicine and distributed activity books and games to children with diabetes in the presence of H.E. Faizel Moosa, the Ambassador of South Africa to Qatar; Jack Saba, General Manager of Public Affairs at Sasol; Dr Abdulla Al Hamaq, Executive Director, Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) a member of Qatar Foundation, and Sidra Medicine officials including Senior Attending Physicians from the Endocrinology division.

The Diabetes Activity Book, developed by Sasol and QDA, is a fun-filled activity book packed with information and games that test kids’ knowledge on diabetes, encourage them to embrace a healthy lifestyle and behaviours.

The visit also included interactive games where children had fun with the “Health Park with Salem and Sarah” board game. The game was developed by Sasol and QDA, to support children and families living with type 1 diabetes in Qatar and the region. It was designed to raise awareness about healthy eating habits and food groups that children and their families should incorporate to their lifestyle.

Commenting on the visit, H. E. Mr. Faizel Moosa, the Ambassador of South Africa to Qatar said, “Mandela day is an international day of honour celebrated in South Africa and around the world. This historic day is a special date to celebrate and cherish the incredible personality of Nelson Mandela who inspired millions of people around the world and to reflect on his life and carry his legacy forward by working as a united community. We were pleased to see children of Sidra Medicine enjoying the interactive games provided by Sasol and QDA, and we thank the medical staff at the hospital for their collaboration”.

Dr Abdulla Al Hamaq, Executive Director, QDA said: “Mandela Day is a wonderful opportunity for organizations to come together. As a diabetes center, we are ready to adopt the initiatives that educate and empower our children living with diabetes while bringing delight, joyful moments and beautiful experiences. This Diabetes activity book which we tailored for the kids with type I diabetes, will definitely have a significant impact on the kid’s health and lifestyle”.

He added, “Salem and Sarah Diabetes Champions have been accompanying children in their diabetes journey helping them to cope with the diagnosis and the challenges it brings to their life.”

For his part, Jack Saba, General Manager of Public Affairs at Sasol said: “We are proud to contribute to the global movement prompted by Nelson Mandela’s life through spreading joy to the children with diabetes at Sidra Medicine. Sasol is committed to nurture a healthy population by increasing the level of awareness and knowledge about diabetes in the country in partnership with QDA.”

He added” We hope that our visit has spread joy among children and families living with diabetes. In addition, we thank H. E. Mr. Faizel Moosa, the Ambassador of South Africa to Qatar, QDA for their contribution, and Sidra Hospital for hosting us”.

Dr. Eman Nasralla, Manager of Community Engagement and Events at Sidra Medicine said: “We are grateful to the South African embassy and Sasol in Qatar for this visit. We highly value the Diabetes Activity Book and the “Health Park with Salem and Sarah” board game for their positive impact on children living with diabetes. Activities such as these play a key role raising awareness and are great interactive tools to encourage children them to embrace healthy practices”.

Mandela Day was launched in 2009 to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s birthday and his 67 years of public service. This day calls members of civil society to spend at least 67 minutes during the month of July, a minute for every year Mandela worked, doing significant actions that will drive a positive global change, impacting the world we live in today.

Over the years, Sasol’s CSR initiatives have positively influenced the Qatari community by focusing on environmental awareness, encouraging entrepreneurship, promoting health, and supporting accessibility through Qatar e-Nature, Definitely Able and Accessible Qatar initiatives. For more information, please visit:;;

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