Stiff rules against violation of driving in Qatar

Driving violations are committed more around schools and it is a violation of the law that prohibits driving without a license. The violator is referred to Juvenile Police, where he is transferred to the Public Prosecution,” said Colonel Odaiba.

Driving without a license for those under 18 is one of the irregularities in which the violators cannot avail reconciliation and the children’s parents can also be investigated as in some cases they are responsible for giving vehicles to their children, the official said.

There are many vehicles that are registered under children’s names putting a big question on the phenomenon.

Some parents are allowing their children to drive in the small streets and in short distances claiming that there is no traffic density in these areas, which puts the lives of residents and road users in the danger.

Commenting on this practice, regarding the responsibility of the parents, there are some parents that allow their children to drive without a license, and even buy vehicles and register them in their children names.

On the other hand, he said there are some parents who do not allow their kids but their children take the vehicles without their knowledge or consent. In both cases, the police investigate the matter and take the necessary measures.

To a question about the mechanism of stopping such violators on the roads, he said, “Because some children are afraid of the police and can escape in speed, therefore, the patrols do not follow them in the streets but only notes the vehicle number to arrest them latter because immediate response from the police may put children’s life and the lives of others in danger,” he said.

The Traffic Awareness Department educates schools and has a partnership with schools to create awareness about this violation.

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