Support Fruit Trees Taking Root in Food Deserts

We the powerful, authentic revolutionary LP167 are raising funds to sponsor groves of fruit trees that will be adopted throughout greater Los Angeles, including the very place where our team will be planting shade trees on Feb 1st.

We are committed to raising funds to donate at least 1000 fruit trees!

gofundmeTreePeople’s Fruit Tree Program educates and organizes economically and environmentally stressed communities to plant fruit trees, which serve as a source of food and improve the urban environment by capturing air pollution and providing shade. The Fruit Tree Program launched in 1984 with the belief that everyone deserves access to fresh produce and a healthy environment.

The Fruit Tree Program addresses a great need: in low-income neighborhoods across Los Angeles, fresh produce is hard to come by. Many of these communities are located in food deserts, areas that lack affordable grocery stores. Residents of food deserts must rely on food from corner stores, which is typically highly processed and unhealthy, or travel to a far-flung grocery store outside of their community – a trip that can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. As a result, residents in these communities struggle to get the fresh produce they need. Unfortunately, these same communities also carry the greatest environmental burden, with limited trees and high levels of pollution.

By adopting fruit trees in stressed communities, TreePeople reduces pollution, improves the tree canopy, and increases access to fresh fruit, which improves the nutrition and food security of thousands of low-income individuals and families.

The Program consists of our Community Fruit Tree Adoptions, day-long events that provide fruit trees to low-income residents. All distributions are located in disadvantaged communities and are first-come, first-served. Every distribution includes a short workshop on fruit tree care and pruning, which participants must attend in order to receive a tree. The tree varieties offered include lemon, lime, kumquat, orange, nectarine, peach, and plum, all of which thrive in Southern California’s climate.gofundme

Through the Fruit Tree Program, TreePeople alleviates hunger and increases the self-reliance of low-income communities throughout Los Angeles.

Organizer: Alessandra Sorrentino
Source: gofundme

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