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TAHITIAN VILLAGE DOHA – Dining With A Great View

Doha’s skyline creates a unique blend of the skyscraper and with its diverse culture, Doha has something unique to offer each time.

Tahitian Village at Hilton Doha located in West Bay is quickly elevating to be the everyone’s favorite. The restaurant located just by the Hilton seafront with a very traditional Tahitian setting overlooking Doha’ skyline brings in the very subtle Polynesian feel. This perfect five star setting with delicious food makes it your next go-to place.

As you walk in, the ambiance engulfs you and the warmth of the traditional Tahitian luxury makes you feel at ease. 


Tahitian Island Plates which have over ten different varieties simply gives you multiple options to choose from. The original cosmo tidbits serving a combination of crispy prawns, crab rangoon, veal ribs, BBQ sliced short ribs is bound to satisfy your appetite.

 Their serving of Tahitian prawns with lemon and coconut marination served on a hibachi and spicy ahi tuna tartare which is a combination of minced tuna with sriracha sauce is cooked to perfection and was most definitely our absolute favorite.

All the food in general was so well plated and was brought to our tables without any delay. The staff was very polite and makes sure to take care of all your needs and accommodates you to utmost comfort making it a very memorable experience for you.

Overall it covers all the boards of being an experience which was extravagant and very Tahitian.

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