Talabat Rider Gets Ministry Recognition & Promotion After Good Deed Goes Viral

Good deeds are always appreciated!
Remember the food-delivery agent who won hearts after helping a man on a wheelchair cross a road in Qatar? 

The helpful delivery agent has been identified. His name is Muhammed Yasin, a rider with Talabat, and is from Bangladesh. 

In a short video created by Talabat and sent to Qatar Tribune, Yasin described what happened on the road and afterwards.

“I am not sure where the man came from. I was delivering an order from McDonald’s. There was a lot of risk and fast-moving traffic, and he couldn’t see anything from the back,” recalled Yasin, while describing the events that led up to the good deed that made him a social media star in Qatar.

“I couldn’t hesitate to help him. I parked my motorbike on the roadside and asked him where he would like to go. He pointed towards the end of the road and I helped him cross the road. The gentleman, with all his gratitude, thanked me,” he said.

Somebody had inadvertently clicked pictures of Yasin’s helping the man cross the street, and uploaded them last week on social media, where it went viral. 

“I felt so good because I helped someone in need and he was very pleased. My dad would often tell me, “If you help someone, someone will help you back.”

Yasin said he got a call from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior following the incident. “They thanked me for what I did. As a gift, they gave me a helmet, a jacket and shoes. Talabat has also promoted Yasin from a rider to a rider Captain. Now, he will manage a fleet of riders.

Source: Qatar Tribune

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