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Taste Of Authenticity At Abocado Qatar

Abocado, the first upside down food truck, located at Al Sadd Sports Club specializes in providing the most authentic Mexican cuisine.

As food trucks are becoming popular around the world, Qatar has witnessed a steady growth in the food truck industry. The concept of Abocado is two yellow trucks merged together with an intriguing exterior artwork.

The interior is decorated with number plates of vehicles from various countries and has a wooden finish look with hand-made furniture. There’s also a space for outdoor dining.

Abocado hits the spot for everything from a quick snack to drinks, or an intimate dinner. The menu offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes, such as tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, churros and more!

Authentic is a loaded word, particularly when it’s defined within the context of the culinary world. In order to bring out the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine, Abocado’s founder Jassim Mohammed Al Hammadi, hired a Mexican Chef named Teodora who is specialized in making traditional Mexican cuisine from the heart of Mexico.

Many of the so-called Mexican foods we love – such as Tacos, Nachos and Burritos are now fusions of Tex-Mex cuisine.

There’s a lot more to the dishes when it comes to Mexican cuisine. Some of the unique taste of authentic Mexican dishes at Abocado are:

Sopes and Huaraches

Sopes and Huaraches

Originating from the central and southern parts of Mexico, these two dishes have become popular which look like small discs of fried corn or masa dough, topped with meat or beans. They both taste especially good with fillings like grilled shrimp, potato and chorizo. You can try these tasty dishes at Abocado.



A popular food in Mexican cuisine. It’s like a taco but the ‘tortilla’ is made of cheese. They are usually wrapped around   some kind of meat. They are usually served as late night food.



When tacos are rolled tightly and pan fried until crisp, so they resemble tubes or flutes, hence the name “flautas”. At Abocado, there is a variety of flautas such as chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetarian.



A traditional Mesoamerican dish, made of masa or dough is usually wrapped in a banana leaf or corn husk. They are filled with meats, cheese, chilies, fruits and vegetables. They are mostly associated with Mexican cuisine. You can experience the best tamales at Abocado which are only available on Fridays.


Abocado is located at Al Sadd Sports Club and is open from 4pm to 12 am daily. Visit their Instagram page – to find out more about their menu.

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