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Ramadan – the holy month of fasting is a tradition that dates back to the origin of the Islamic religion when the glory of the Holy Quran revealed to the pious Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). A month of fasting from dawn to dusk marks this ritual followed by night-time feasts. The daytime fast-breaking is known as Iftar (Break-fast). Iftar takes place at sunset, during the evening prayer call (Maghrib), and it is one of the joyful moment for everybody.

We had the pleasure of organizing a Ramadan Campaign this year, and it was a tradition upheld with all glory and merriment. We thank each and everyone involved in this joyous occasion for sharing the same motives towards this campaign.  The generosity has increased the giveaways to 10 times this year compared to last year’s giveaway. We are more than grateful to each and everyone who has supported us this year and have helped create a golden moment to cherish lifelong. A special shout out to Qinwan Dates, Fraser Suites West Bay and all our Volunteers(It’s a huge list). The volunteers helped us pack and distribute the dates and cookies and water bottles thirty minutes before the Iftar.

We thank the sponsors and volunteers profusely who have helped make this campaign a grand success. The sight of numerous followers assembling to celebrate was a spectacle to behold. The sponsors and volunteers were very generous with the offerings throughout the holy month to help the event a successful mission.

To execute an event as ambitious as this one is no mean feat. And this, therefore, calls for an extended round of gratitude to all the participants of the campaign once again. Without the support of our sponsors and volunteers, it would be hardly possible for us to make the event a successful one.

Doha has been the epicenter of the celebration of many festivals all around the year since long back, and also the commercial and cultural capital of Qatar. This year was no different, as we witnessed a new found confidence and happiness among people to become part of such a social gathering, highlighting the importance of love and care and share for one everybody in the society. Thank you to everybody for making this event a successful mission.

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