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The Finest Dates In Town- Qinwan Dates

Qinwan dates, the king of dates! The large size and delightful taste of rich caramel, hints of wild honey and a subtle touch of cinnamon will just leave anyone to crave more Qinwan dates.

What attracts and still craves for more Qinwan dates are, they are available in lot of varieties. Under the Nuts category they have, almond dates, nuts with spices, walnut, hazelnut, pistachio and cashew. And in dry fruits they have, fig, apricot, halwa, orange, coconut and giner dates. Last, but not least, in the chocolate section, they have rose chocolate, full chocolate and almond chocolate.

These dates are then beautifully packed and presented in luxury boxes of various sizes as a special gift for all occasions.

The exclusively prized Medjool dates are cultured in Palestine, Jordan, and California in the United States, and are widely known across the world.

Qinwan is known not only for its exceptional and premium quality dates but also for the variety of delicious combinations of flavour combinations that it has.

The quality and the creation of the finest, most delicious dates, give the name Qinwan which means ‘Cluster of Dates’!

You are never too late to try the Qinwan dates. Head to The Gate Mall today to experience the real taste of dates.

For more information, visit qinwandates.

Source: Qinwan Dates

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