The First Car With A Solar Charging System – By Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company has made headlines when announcing the launch of the first ever car with a solar roof charging system.

With the use of groundbreaking technology that is created to be eco-friendly, the vehicles will provide additional electrical power that comes along with an increase of fuel efficiency and driving range.

The new technology will be used on the latest version of the New Sonata Hybrid and will later on be introduced to other vehicles in the near future.

Hyundai announced that the solar roof system is mounted on the car’s roof, which has the ability to charge while driving. The system can charge 30% to 60% of the battery per day. It is expected to increase travel distance by an additional 1,300 km annually.

The system consists of a solar panel and a controller. Electricity is generated when solar energy activates the panel’s surface, which converts energy by using photons of light from the sun. Through this process, solar electricity is created.

The New Sonata Hybrid comes with the world’s first Active Shift Control (ASC) technology and also a supports a ‘Digital Key’ function that is accessible by smartphone applications.

The New Sonata is currently being sold in Korea and will soon be available in North America.

The installation of such a system now opens the doors for the automobile industry to not use fossil fuels to operate. Through the application of solar charging systems, it will play a significant role towards reducing global carbon emissions.

Source: techstartup

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