The Gallantry Indication-Falcons

For over the years, the mighty bird, The Falcon, has been the National Bird of Qatar. Its soars high up in the air, with long wings as similar as the shape of kites, together with extreme sense of potential. ‘Saqr’, the name called in the native language Arabic, which implies the meaning ‘beating’.

From of long times, practising hawking has been evident among emirs, chieftains and nobles. So as it relates, ‘Falconry’ is considered as a traditional sport in the Arabian Gulf. More than a serious business, falconry is also considered as a national obsession.

Qatar has the famous ‘Falcon Souq’ in Doha which is dedicated to falconry. The Falcon Souq features trained birds and has equipments like jesses, and hoods required. This place is an enthusiastic place for some extravagant falconry obsession.

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