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The Hub The New Convenience Store At The Pearl

The Hub is a friendly convenience store in the Pearl, Porto Arabia in Doha, Qatar. It is a Qatari family run business, managed by father, mother and two sons. The family is passionate about food and has been providing best quality organic and healthy food from all over the world to its customers, curtsey to their father’s global food trading business – the Horizon Food Trading.  Their exposure to various European and USA market was instrumental in offering best quality food and services to Qatar for a reasonable price.

The store is beautiful with subtle colours and design gives a soothing experience to your eyes. They opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 11 pm on the weekdays whereas on weekends the timing is from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The staffs are very friendly, and the music resonates a soft tempo, delivering a serene, pleasant ambiance, which will instantly set you in a relaxing mood.

The Hub is not your run of the ordinary mill kind of outlet. You visit it once, and it will change the way you shop. It is a combination of a café, a flower corner, a salad and juice bar and of course a vast convenience store. In fact, the store is like a temple for the health conscious. Here you can find fresh and organic fruits, and vegetables procured not only locally but from all over the world, and the food is not just for the health enthusiasts.

What makes you more bemusing is the variety of snacks, cereals, cheese, meat and snacks that you can buy without any guilt. And if the store doesn’t have what you want, you can inform them, and they will try their best to stock it for your next visit. It’s not wrong or exaggerating to finally say that The Hub has something to offer for everyone who visits here.

You will find the juice and salad bar, where all the health conscious people would like to spend their time. Well dressed, smart service team is exceptionally courteous and offers their best service for providing you with a wide selection of tasty and fresh fruit smoothies, juices and healthy salads. The Hub stands for quality and serves 100% organic, gluten-free food items and the menu will have seasonal additions and periodic updates.

If you wish to buy a beautiful bouquet or an indoor plant for your office or your home, the flower corner is where you go. The beautiful and colorful succulents and flowers are guaranteed to make your day better and joyful.

The café is where the families and friends catch up with each other on a busy day. Have their mouthwatering chocolate croissant with a cup of hot coffee from Ethiopia and Honduras. You can use the free WiFi, which is being offering as a complimentary service and it’s an excellent place to work out of the office. The music is light and not too loud, so it’s a great space where you can reconnect with your friends and spend hours without any tension.

In addition to the above, The Hub offers their space to clubs and provides customers with weekly Monday free Arabic classes and coffee training once in a month. The Hub has actually changed the way people look at convenience stores and for good.

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