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The Market by Jean Georges – Sushi Review

The Market by Jean Georges located at the W Hotel Doha is the epitome of sophisticated dining experience in Doha. Its harmonious essence and relaxing vibe makes all the difference when dining at The Market. Its sheer design of modern elegance accompanied by its calming music makes its aura all the more an experience worth while.

 Upon entering the restaurant, the hospitality that was out on display by the staff was an admirable warm welcome. From the reception all the way to the table, they were able to accommodate every needs reinforces they’re presence as a gourmet restaurant.

 They’re menu sells nothing short the word gourmet. The menu was a sleek simple design laying out all their ever more appetizing dishes, however we came in with a crazing for sushi, and from what we have heard we had to come and try it for myself.

 One thing to consider whilst eating outside is the wait time and the swiftness for the delivery of the food from the kitchen to the table, everything came out in an orderly fashion with no exceptions of delay. We ordered a starter as well as a selection of sushi, they started serving our drinks along with the bread basket and shortly after the appetizers followed. With their state of the art open kitchen, we were able to see them preparing our main courses, which was pleasing to see because as soon as we finished our appetizers, our main was made right on time with little to none wait time. For a costly price, the quality is up to par. The food was extravagant and delightful, the fresh ingredients fused together create a blast of flavors that compliment each other. Lastly the presentation of the food was simple with a dash of chic.

 The Market by Jean Georges is truly a sensational experience, as it covers all the boards of being a premier gourmet restaurant for food lovers.

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