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This is Qatar At Sandwich Factory.

Sandwich Factory has been the go-to place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to many recently. They have a great and delicious variety of food to offer along with a wide range of blast in flavors.

They make us want to crave and come back for more. Sandwich Factory’s meticulous delicious menu appeals to everyone as it has a wide variety of the typical burgers, sandwiches, wraps to lighter versions of them and even vegan ones too. What’s even better is that the food is prepared with fresh ingredients ensuring that we feel lite as well as energetic.

The best appetizer in the house is served with warm and soft pita bread and topped with the most succulent shawarma, Yes you guessed it right. It’s The “Hummos With Shawarma.” and the next best and healthy appetizer for all the dieters and vegan lovers out there is the Quinoa Tabbouleh served in a lettuce bowl.

Moving to the next best part is the manaeesh and mini bites, surprisingly the manaeesh dough is softer, and the portions are worth the price. Lahmeh B’Ajine & Zaatar and Cheese are worth the try, but we entirely recommend the latter for the cheesiness, Who doesn’t love ’em cheese? If you want to grab a bite and don’t have the time to relax and eat, They offer mini bites that have an explosive flavor melt away effect on your taste buds.

Their main courses and breakfasts are visually tempting and delectable. Next time when you want to try out Sandwich Factory For Breakfast, We recommend you try the mouth-watering “Baid B’ Awarama” the best breakfast dish in the house. Now you know why Mr.TIQ keeps coming back to the sandwich factory for breakfast. For dieters who are looking for carb-free options, you could enjoy the “Iceberg Chicken Shawarma,” “Carb Free Shish Taouk,” and vegans would love the Vegan burgers.

They have oriental, western, grab and go to healthy and lite dishes and to try them all you have to keep coming back as they serve the best dishes worth the portion size. The atmosphere of the restaurant is apt for a casual family/friends day out or those occasional meetings. The yellow and grey color theme of the restaurant gives us an upbeat feeling. Their staffs are amicable as well as familiar with the menu, giving us the best recommendations according to our taste.

To help us with our late night cravings during the weekends, they are open 24 hours. You can place an order online through their website or talabat. To many, the menu might seem quite pricey, but comparatively as said before for the portion size the pricing on the menu is moderate.

Order Online: Sandwich Factory

Call Them On: +974 – 4020 6555

Location: West Bay, The Gate Mall, Tower 3 Entrance.
P.O.Box 24318 ,
Doha, Qatar.

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