This Is Qatar Presents: Hamad Al-Humaidhan aka ‘Young Picasso’

Hamad Al-Humaidhan, also known as ‘Young Picasso’ – a title acclaimed by the BBC, exhibited his exclusive masterpieces called ‘Past to Present’ at Art 29, W Doha. The exhibition consists of 28 paintings, that conveys Hamad’s life and journey through his perspective.

Vivid and intense emotions are expressed through his paintings, as each painting signifies a particular experience of Hamad’s life. They are illustrated through various colors by vibrant stroking techniques.

He had started painting since the age of 7, and now at the age of 19 he has had over 8 exhibitions in the GCC and beyond. Talented from a young age, he had decided to pursue his artistic talents further. He was greatly inspired by exploring museums, historical sites, and galleries – where it then grew into a passion. His paintings resembled the iconic Pablo Picasso’s paintings by coincidence, not having ever seen his work previously. The ideas denoted by the exhibition are to explore new ideas and new styles, regardless of age.

Hamad plans to continue his artistic journey, to show and inspire everyone to identify their unique talents. We wish him the very best and you have until the 30th of March to view his exhibition. Don’t miss out!

To find out more about Hamad and his spectacular paintings, visit his website: 

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