This Is Qatar Wishes Everyone A Blessed Eid Mubarak!

This Is Qatar wishes everyone and their families a blessed Eid Mubarak!

We hope everyone is staying safe, happy and healthy during this time. Eid Al Fitr is a joyous occasion where we begin our day with hope, love and positivity. Let us all take the time to be thankful, gracious and humble of all our blessings.

As the State of Qatar has taken appropriate precautionary measures to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus; we must abide by the regulations as responsible residents and citizens. It is important to practice social distancing, avoid crowded gatherings and only leave the house when necessary. Traditional rituals such as prayers in mosques, Iftar gatherings and communal meetups must be avoided as a safety precaution in our society.

Together, we can. We can beat this virus if we stand together and follow all precautions. We are blessed to live in a world of advanced technology where we can message, call or video chat with our loved ones in a matter of seconds. Let us use these opportunities wisely and take advantage of our limitations. We can spend time with our families virtually and have fun while staying safe. Our selfless act of social distancing can save lives all around the world.

Eid Al Fitr is our time to hope, reflect and acknowledge. Hope that all the unpleasant actions in the world diminish, reflect on our mistakes and acknowledge those who are risking their lives to keep us safe. We truly thank all frontline workers for working day and night to contribute to the well-being of our society.

This Is Qatar wishes all families and their loved ones a joyous Eid Al Fitr. Stay home, stay safe and stay happy!

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