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TIQ Picks: Top 5 Healthy Restaurants in Qatar

Healthy Restaurants do not have to serve food that tastes bland and these restaurants in Qatar have proven that! With their diverse menus and unique dishes.

Origin Cafe

Origin is a cozy cafe with simple dishes turnt into wholesome nutritious meals of the cleanest homemade ingredients. Nearly all the ingredients used are completely homemade such as the peanut butter, hazelnut spread, almond milk, strawberry jams and much more (The Exploring Foodist).

Photo of healthy high protein breakfast bowl taken by Origin Café - أوريجن كافيه in Qatar

Lean N Fit

Lean N Fit stands out with its HUGE menu. They not only offer a large selection of savoury dishes. But they also offer a keto menu and many healthy desserts option like cheesecake, lava cake, panna cotta and brownies.

Photo of healthy Sambal Sambal Grilled chicken & cauliflower rice by LEAN N FIT in Qatar

Ideal Diet

Ideal Diet is great for anyone who wants to start their Keto diet. Or has already started but feel like there aren’t many options. Well, Ideal Diet are offering Keto meals as well as different keto desserts!

Photo by Ideal Diet الغذاء المثالي in Qatar. Image contain: ‎food, ‎text that says '‎كيتو KETO شوكولاتة المغموسة بالزبدة الكيتو Healthy Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookies Qr.15 3 Pcs

Low Calories

If you are looking for the healthier alternative of your favourite guilty pleasure foods. Low Calories is the perfect place for you. They offer a healthy mac & cheese, risotto, pink pasta, and, barbeque chicken.

Photo of healthy mac and cheese by Low Calories لو كالوريز in Qatar

Diet House

Last but not least we have the most famous healthy restaurant in Doha. Diet House has a huge selection of dishes varying from breakfast bowls, salmon, curries, sandwiches and even sushi!

Photo by دايت هاوس in دايت هاوس   Diet House. Image contain: healthy frozen yogurt, text that says 'DIET HOUSE Mango Frozen yogurt 213 cal Berries Frozen yogurt 198cal cal 198 in Qatar

Recently they have introduced their healthy frozen yogurt available in two flavors: mango and berries.

We hope you enjoyed these healthy picks, let us know if you try out any of these restaurants. Happy Healthy Eating!

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