Tourism Promotional Partnership Between NTC & Alpitour Group

Qatar National Tourism Council (NTC) has entered a tourism promotional partnership with Alpitour Group, one of the prominent tour promoters in Italy, located at Torino by opening its tourism promotional office in Milan in 2016. NTC’s strategic partnership with Alpitour will give an extra shot to promote Qatar’s tourism scope among Italians.

Alpitour was established in 1947 and has more than 70 year’s extensive presence in the various field of tourism activities. The company is mainly into tour operation, hotel accommodation, and offer luxury to budget holiday packages for travelers.
Qatar National Tourism Council (NTC) was previously known as Qatar Tourism Authority an apex body of Government of Qatar, under the guidance of Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy (QNTSS) for promoting tourism and recreational activities in Qatar, established in 4th November 2018. NTC aims to position Qatar as one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world where people converge to experience traditional culture, modernity, entertainment, business, and sports.
The partnership aims to offer exclusive tour packages for Italians with accommodation arrangements at St. Regis or Sealine Beach in Doha. Italians always prefer Qatar as a favorite tourist destination even before NTC had its association with Alpitour, which was evident from the tourism statistics. Qatar registered 70% more Italian tourist in 2011, and after having its new tourism promotional office in Milan, there had 2% more tourists visited Qatar in 2017.

As part of the tourism promotion partnership, Alpitour started its operation in Qatar in a big way by investing in promotional activities with a focus on Qatar’s Sealine Beach Resort keeping it part of Alpitour’s Francorosso Sea Club collection. Beside, Alpitour also included Doha’s St. Regis Doha in their Sea Diamond portfolio as their main thematic destination for tourist from Italy by offering special package tour programs. These initiative expected to improve the tourism influx from Italy as it covers adventure, marine tourism, cultural and desert tour activities. In addition to all these, Alpitour is offering exclusive tour packages for top-notch holiday visitors under their premium brand Viaggidea
Extensive tour packages are also offering during the month-long promotion by Francorosso which include free excursion for tourists who book a flight ticket and 7-night stay at Sea Diamond St. Regis Doha or SeaClub Sealine beach.

The joint tourism promotion by Alpitour and NTC prompted Qatar Airways also to become part of the mega event and offering direct flight services from Milan, Rome, Pisa, and Venice in association with Discover Qatar. Discover Qatar is a Destination Management Company under Qatar Airways Holidays, which works in collaboration with Qatar Tourism Authority for promoting Qatar tourism abroad. The combined promotional activities of DM and Alpitour along with NTC open up a wide spectrum of tourism activities, accommodation, and related transport services.
Apart from the direct flight service from major Italian cities, the association of DMC and Alpitour was instrumental in bringing Italian tourist by sea by engaging chartered cruise services. It is an interesting fact to note that Italians were among the top three nationals who had visited Qatar by cruise ship in 2017 and 2018.

These significant tourism developments prompted Qatar National Tourism Council to enter into a promotional pact with Italian Costa Cruises for promoting cruise travelers. As part of the agreement with NTC, Italian Costa Cruises scheduled special winter voyage packages to augment Qatar tourism promotions. The company already planned 43 voyages and expected to carry 140,000 Italian tourists to Qatar.

The joint tourism promotional activities of Francorosso and NTC will hold targeted tourism promotional activities in Italy, highlighting various tourism activities of Qatar through digital and electronic media. Besides the joint promotion, Francorosso will hold sales promotion by employing roads shows and webinars. Sales agents shall be providing exclusive training to have a better understanding of Qatar’s tourism scopes.

The promotion focus on bonding the tourism relation between Qatar and Italy and Qatar expects a quantum jump in tourist inflow from Italy by using the professional service of Alpitour. Due to the recent pro-tourism policy changes under QNTSS, over 10 million visitors have already visited Qatar, and as per projections, the tourism industry can, directly and indirectly, contribute 6.7% of Qatar’s GDP. By engaging a strategic partnership with Alpitour, the Italian hospitality giant, Qatar expects to become one of the hottest tourist destinations for Italians and also can attract tourists from the different part of the world.

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