UNICEF Welcomes Qatar’s Support To Refugee Children

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has welcomed the new support offered by Qatar Charity (QC) worth $2 million, in order to provide education and protection services for Syrian and other refugee children in Turkey, within the framework of the partnership between the two sides and in conjunction with World Refugee Day, which falls on 20th June every year.

“Qatar Charity has a proven track record in catering to the needs of children, refugees and internally displaced children,” said Faisal Rashid Al Fahida, Assistant CEO of Operations and International Partnerships at Qatar Charity (QC).

He expressed pleasure at the new cooperation that has taken place between Qatar Charity and UNICEF to support refugee children in Turkey, adding, “While the world is still busy responding to the coronavirus (Covid-19), we should not forget to focus on refugee children, because they need our support more than ever. ”

For his part, Al-Tayeb Adam, representative of UNICEF in the Gulf region, said, “Refugee children, especially those outside school or at risk of school dropout, face the dangers of child labour or early marriage,” noting that “thanks to the support provided by Qatar Charity, which came in the right time, given the risks posed by the corona pandemic, UNICEF will be able to expand its basic services to refugee children in Turkey. ”

Turkey has the largest number of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, who are more than 4 million people, including nearly 3.6 million Syrian refugees, including more than 1.6 million children. 680,000 of them are children only enrolled in school.

UNICEF and its partners are providing effective assistance to thousands of refugee children to get them to school. This contribution will enhance UNICEF support for education and protection opportunities for the most vulnerable refugee children.

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