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White Oryx Thai Restaurant For Your Thai Cravings.

White Oryx, located at the Pearl near waterfront tower 30, Porto Arabia, Doha, is the one of the most elegant restaurant embedded with Thai luxuries brings the taste of Thai. The cuisine is generally Thai style, toned with relishing spices procured directly from Thailand. The restaurant replicates traditional Thai culture in every molecule of the atmosphere from the lavish interior decor to the stylish light and fittings. It is open to the public Saturday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm and on Friday from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm to 11:00pm.

The restaurant offers authentic Thai delicacies, prepared out of organic food items by using ingredients imported directly from Thailand. It is a cozy location known for its delightful ambiance, served by smart looking Thai nationals who greets every customer with their pampering traditional Thai style welcome, which is a rare experience you would never want to miss.

How many of you have tasted the authentic Thai delicacies? The other day, one of my friends had quoted by saying that Thai foods are all about hotly spiced curries and one would find it challenging to consume if not have any prior experience. I must say, it is a common misconception and to change your wrong apprehension, you should visit White Oryx. You can have a variety of food combination, which is the basic tastes of Thai foods, salty, sweet, sour and hot. When you have the choices, you can select the best food matching to your taste buds.

White Oryx intelligently balance their menu with multiple combinations, using different methods clubbed together to accomplish to supply the requirements of its international customers. The menu section has three parts; lunch, and dinner and beverages. The menu consists of the appetizer, soup, main course, side order, dessert, coffee & teas, lunch menu and the mineral water section still, and sparkling. The dishes vary between the lunch and dinner menu, making the menu filled with a lot of Thai variety.

Lunch & Dinner Menu:

In the appetizer, you can have the delicious Vegetarian Crispy Rolls, Papaya Salad, Spicy Mint Larb Chicken, Shrimp Spicy Herbal Salad, Nam Nuang, which is a traditional grilled shrimp chicken sausage, Crunchy Calamari, Aromatic Duck Crispy Roll and much more to list down.
In the soup section, White Oryx offers three authentic Thai soups, priced reasonably. Number one is the Tom Yum, which is a spicy and sour soup prepared with fresh prawns and mushrooms. You can also have the other mouthwatering Fisherman Soup and Vegetarian Tofu Soup.

The main course is very lavish with a luxurious combination of veg and non-veg dishes. The prices are very reasonable. The options are Pad Thai, Thai Fried Rice, Spicy Chilli Fish, Beef Oyster Sauce, Kai Pad King, Spicy Basil, Garlic Pepper Sauce, Choo Chee Salmon, and Green Curry. A word about the Green Curry, which is known as ‘Gaeng Keaw Wan’ in Thai is luxurious, creamy coconut milk laced green curry. The sweet & savory delicacy is a landmark food item, which lavishly use coconut and little chili to give the authentic traditional Thai dish, is a must combination you should try for your dinner.

On the side meals section, it is a visual treat and also an olfactory experience. The presentations are excellent, colorful in varied textures. The richness of its soft aroma is a delightful experience makes dining an experience not to be missed. Some of the delicacies are Broccou & Mushroom, Bok Choi & Ginger, Morning Glory & Chili, etc. You can also place side orders, such as Coconut Brown Rice, Khao Klong and Sticky Rice, which are exclusively Thai from top to bottom.

White Oryx offers you intriguing desserts, a rare experience which many of would have never experienced. The characteristic of Thai desserts are not limited to its sweetness, but a combination of aroma and detailed rich application of various rare ingredients blended in the traditional style. Some of the famous Thai desserts are Mango Sticky Rice, Thai Tea Crème Brulee, Lemon Rosset, etc. Our favorite dessert is the Mango Sticky Rice, the blend of the sweetest mango with the sticky blue coconut rice create a delightful flavor that keeps you craving more and more. The purple color comes from the “Butterfly Pea” used in the dish.

Thai drinks at White Oryx perhaps one of the exciting thing, you can experience, and your restaurant visit will never complete without enjoying the drink section, which has two division, the Drink List, and Sip Series. Make your selection from Lychee Ice Tea or Butterfly Pea from the Drink List. The ice tea never looks like a real tea, but it is. It tastes lovely and a staple Thai beverage. Make your selections from Strawberry Lemonade, Sparkling Violette, Lemon Mint Mojito or the Virgin Pina Calada. one of the most fascinating and enjoyable drink was the “Butterfly Pea” The blue drink turns purple when in contact with the lime/lemon (Citric Acid). This science drink detoxes your body.
Wind up your party with White Oryx coffee or tea, which you can select from the western style menu. You can find most of the famous items in coffee like Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte and the traditional Hot Thai Milk Tea and Signature Hot Thai Tea.

Dishes & Drinks Served (Dinner):

• Pad Thai
• Prawns Cashew Nut
• Aromatic Duck Crispy Roll
• Crunchy Calamari
• Goong Salong
• Green Curry
• Khao Klong
• Coconut Brown Rice
• Thai Iced Tea
• Butterfly Pea
• Mango Sticky Rice

White Oryx Thai restaurant never compromise on quality. For your drinking water requirements, the restaurant offers international renowned two brands, the San Benedetto an Italian product, which is a low mineral content water and Sparkling a reputed USA brand.

More than just a restaurant, White Oryx is a spectacle that has an appealing interior look, resembles like a miniature Thai kingdom splendidly exposed for the visitors to enjoy the best of their time. The intricate designs, depicting the art and craft richness of Thai is visible in every nook and corner. It will be a privilege for you to spend quality time with your friends or family amidst the sublime serene beauty of the oriental culture in its traditional style.

Address: 30, La Croisette, Porto Arabia, Pearl Qatar, Doha
For Reservations & Inquiries Call: +974 4466 1058 or +974 7788 9465

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